DHL Susie Goodall Golden Globe Race

Location: Falmouth marina, Cornwall

Brief: To capture Susie’s UK departure for the start of the Golden Globe Race in France and portraits with DHL staff

Commissioned by: DHL Europe

Susie Goodall set off from Falmouth in June 2018 to attempt to be the first woman to sail single-handedly non-stop around the world in the Golden Globe Race – and her sponsors DHL commissioned me to photograph her leaving the UK in Falmouth. DHL staff met her to wish her well in Falmouth marina and then she set sail under summer skies and with a fresh wind to the race start, at Les Sables d’Olonne in France.

Sadly in December her boat was pitchpoled (somersaulted) by 13 metre waves and dismasted in a furious storm in the Southern Ocean. Knocked unconscious, she was later rescued. My images chart the start of her extraordinary voyage – hopefully she will compete in a future GGR event and secure her place in sailing history.