It’s very, very refreshing to turn up to a commercial photoshoot and find everything superbly organised.

Fantastic location – loads of space and room options, newly painted/branded & natural light streaming in from multiple angles.

Well branded and finished documents/paperwork relating to the subject and for real-time use by the ‘students’.

Loads of excellent models – a mix of keen employees, volunteers and paid student models. With several changes of clothes for different social environment set-ups. Keeps it real and authentic.

A mental health instructor who knows his stuff and runs through some modules in real time and has his audience fully engaged.

I did this shoot last week in London Bridge and its aim was to gather imagery for St John Ambulance’s training course for mental health in the workplace. Lots of listening, supportive, non-judgemental colleagues…

A variety of group exercises aimed at exploring the stigma of mental health…

Thank you St John Ambulance!

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