Always a pleasure to shoot some press photojournalism, better still to do it in one of my favourite places  Tresco Abbey Gardens, for their annual flower count, on clear blue sunny New Year’s Day 2017.

Walking into that garden is like opening a door into another world, as you’re hit by a heady mix of scents from South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and more. A sub-tropical assault on your senses which leaves you feeling a little disorientated and delighted simultaneously. Half-forgotten memories of half-forgotten travels are stirred at once.

South facing & gazing into the sun all day, the garden has a unique micro-climate created by the band of huge Californian Monterey pines which protect it from the cold north & east winds. There can’t be many places in the UK where you can work in a t-shirt, in January…and still feel you could do with some factor 15.

So thank you to my willing models, Mike, Andy, Josh and Sally. And for the record-breaking 313 species of plants in flower.

Some great national press coverage – The Times, Daily Telegraph…and the front cover of the Western Morning News, no less. Please enjoy the highlights above.

And if you fancy the sniff of a holiday to faraway lands, just head 30 miles west of Cornwall and seek out Tresco Abbey Garden.