I’ve just finished a great week working for photographer Sean Ebsworth Barnes and with photographer Ben Phillips in sunny Barcelona at the CISCO Live 2018 event.

Lots of technical detail, mainly way above my level, but as always some fascinating insights on what the future could hold and the ever-evolving internet of things. Throw in the slightly anarchic Bruce Dickinson, formerly of Iron Maiden, and a rocking party with headliners Rudimental and the result is a fun mix of images.

Normally corporate events like this can be a procession of talking heads in grey suits but CISCO is always vibrant, varied and exciting to shoot (well, ok, a few of the breakouts and tech seminars might have nearly broken me)…but otherwise I’m not sure I’ve ever done a commercial job quite as disparate. One minute I’m shooting wide architectural empty stands, then headshots during keynote speech, then action shots as the party kicks off.

It’s my third CISCO and it’s only getting better.