I’d never shot a wedding at Brocket Hall. I thought it was a golf venue. And I’m not really a fan of golf. But there’s no doubt – it’s a great wedding venue.

I arrived to an impending storm. Not good on a wedding day. In July. The first photograph I shot that day was of the storm clouds hanging threateningly over the house with the umbrella-ed golfer in the foreground.

The classical house with incredible formal rooms make it a perfect for a wedding reception. There’s so much space. And light. Outside, laid out below you, there’s the vast arena of the grounds dominated by the (in)famous lake, long drive and bridge – all ideal spots for some informal couple shots.

The sun did come out on lovely Charlotte & Al’s day. In fact I got one of those magic moments; the setting sun flaring behind them as they kissed on the terrace…moments frozen in time.

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The storm hangs over Brocket Hall
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The dining room and wedding breakfast at Brocket Hall
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Charlotte and Al (and vintage Rolls Royce) stand in front of Brocket Hall
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Brocket Hall’s front entrance during the wedding reception drinks
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The wedding cake in the drawing room at Brocket Hall
277535e616ba5255b6b744f358523753 Brocket Hall Wedding
Charlotte and Al kiss as the sun sets on the terrace of Brocket Hall
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Brocket Hall as the sun sets on the wedding reception
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Brocket Hall at night during the wedding reception