Loved photographing the fun triathlon at Truro Prep School at the weekend. Great weather, great light & loads of enthusiasm.

I guess shooting the swimming is my favourite…it’s tricky in the low light but very dynamic and you can create some fantastic shapes with the water.

Catching the swimmer’s eye as their head tilts for a breath is the toughest shot to get & requires a super fast shutter. And then at the opposite end of the spectrum there’s the movement blur of a slow shutter at the race start.

Then there’s that pause when you can capture the still moment of a portrait amid all the frenetic racing and movement. Loving my Sony cameras for this….the elation of finishing, and finishing well.

Back on the track there’s some intense cycling near the front of the pack.

And the good sportswomanship when the race is all over with friends congratulating each other, despite the exhaustion.

The event ran both individual and team races which gave it simultaneously competitive and fun elements…the really keen ones could race hard in the solo event while trios of friends competed more inclusively in the team event.

Some went home laden with medals and cups having entered every possible event they could…

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