Tresco Island

Location: Tresco Island, Isles of Scilly

Brief: Imagery for Tresco Times yearbook, website and ongoing marketing

Commissioned by: Tresco Island

Tresco has become a regular client since I first started photographing for them in 2013. Nicknamed ‘The Cornish Caribbean’ it is a pale sand fringed island located 30 miles off the coast of Cornwall with a sub-tropical garden in its centre. No cars. No noise. Azure seas. Empty beaches. A pub, a cafe and a restaurant – all serving lovely food. Beautiful New England-style beach houses to stay in. Tresco is a completely unique place with a completely unique feel and it’s easy to see why I love photographing there: underwater with the seals, in the Abbey Garden with golden pheasants and the bees, on the ladies’ gig boat Czar, cocktails in the Ruin beach cafe, live music in the New Inn or just out on the sea between islands.