Tresco Island is one of my favourite clients. It’s pretty obvious: beautiful empty beaches, azure seas, big skies, lovely island folk, great food…what’s not to like? But most of all, Tresco has that almost undefinable quality of pure escapism – the sense of really getting away from everything that only islands give you. The island is also carless…which just slows life down and adds to the relaxation factor.

Plus it’s short hop away from nearby Newquay airport so I can be there, working, in under two hours.

This is a favourite image of mine, shot just as I was leaving a two day shoot on the island a few weeks ago. Working mainly for the Tresco website and the awesome Tresco Times, I’d crammed a variety of work into the 48 hours: massages at The Flying Boat Club spa, bikini shoots at the indoor & outdoor pool, 4am sunrise, dog-walking, cycling, holiday cottage externals and some portraiture.

I always try to keep a camera to hand, and although I’d finished the shoot (& was waiting for the boat to take me back to St Mary’s & the airport), I’d started creating an usual landscape photograph using the windows of the waiting room on the quay. Then Henry Birch – Tresco born and bred and the retired harbour master – walked into my frame to complete the image.

I hope you enjoy the photograph…and I can’t wait to be back on the island next month…