As a photographer, Tresco Island is a magical place to visit and a joy to photograph – always different, always stunning with its own unique light. This trip was even more special, as I had the pleasure of photographing a brand new event to Tresco – the Low Tide Experience – the emergence of a sandbar on a super-low tide. Everything was in alignment for those few hours: bank holiday Monday, Spring low tide at 1pm and, crucially, the weather sunny and clear.
As I photographed the sandbar appearing, I could see the day-trippers from St Mary’s converging on Floodhatch beach and soon there was a stream of people crossing the channel over to the sandbar, like pilgrims. A cool drinks bar (complete with Jess singing above her acoustic guitar) had appeared magically and moules were being cooked en masse in a paella-style cauldron. Families were playing in the azure shallows, others speculatively shrimping further out…and still the stream of people grew from both Tresco and Bryher.
Eventually there must have been 300 or more on that sandbar. There were photographs everywhere….and all on sand that is normally hidden under the sea. Soon the drinks bar was dry of both beer and prosecco and the moules happily devoured. Then the tide turned and so the exodus began. High up at the Tresco monument I photographed the last remaining individuals as the tide wiped clear the footprints and swallowed up the last ridges of the sandbar. It was as if it had never happened, yet it had been an extraordinary day cemented in memories and photographs.
It’s always a joy to photograph on the island and for the island. Every time I return I know there will be new and exciting stories to capture. I can’t wait to go back already…
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Holidaymakers trek across to the low tide sandbar by Tresco on August 31, 2015
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The signpost on the low tide sandbar by Tresco on August 31, 2015
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Chefs cooking mussels on the low tide sandbar by Tresco on August 31, 2015
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Island Fish stall selling lobsters on the low tide event on the Tresco sandbar on August 31, 2015
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Enjoying Tresco prosecco on the low tide sandbar, Tresco Island on August 31. 2015
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The low tide sandbar between Bryher and Tresco on August 31, 2015